DEMIRCHELIE is a design agency based in San Francisco, spanning multiple contexts to include creative direction, architecture, and product design. The practice is focused on projects that serve as a reflection of our time, current technology, and culture and places experience at the core of the design process in generating designs that captivate the senses and cultivate social inclusion and interaction.

With unwavering creative vision and an aptitude for business development, prior to launching her own studio, Elaheh served as Chief Creative Officer for Mark Cavagnero Associates in San Francisco and as Creative Director for various architecture and design companies in the past decade.

Her professional architecture experience is marked by contributions to large-scale global projects during her time at John Portman & Associates and HKS Inc., among others.

She received a Master of Architecture with highest honors and a Bachelor of Science in architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Elaheh’s academic research focused extensively on sustainable design and environmental strategies. The same principles of social and environmental responsibility exist in the ethos of every project while collaborating with like-minded clients, users, contractors, and stakeholders.

Elaheh believes in the power of design as an instigator for change. As part of her personal investment to continually support education, she has served as faculty and invited juror of architecture in multiple collegiate settings, in pursuit of innovative pedagogies, specifically those applied to the beginning design students.

She is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and a member of the American Institute of Architects and Urban Land Institute.




2019 Recognition

  • 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award by The Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award, Awarded for Corporate Identity, Architecture and Design Industry.

“Now in its 69th year, GOOD DESIGN® is one the oldest awards programs organized worldwide. Founded in Chicago in 1950 by the former MoMA curator Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., together with such pioneers in modern design as Charles and Ray Eames, Russel Wright, George Nelson, and Eero Saarinen, GOOD DESIGN® honors the yearly achievements of the best industrial and graphic designers and world manufacturers for their pursuit of extraordinary design excellence.”

Demirchelie received gold for her fashion startup LEONOEL; a San Francisco based sustainable fashion label, which intersects design, environmental science, and technology, contributing to the transformation of the fashion industry by inserting digital design in the process and striving to achieve the smallest environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of garments.

  • 2019 Hermes Creative Award – Gold Award, Judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, Awarded for branding and market positioning companies in the Architecture and Design industry.

Hermes Creative Award is constructed by Society Awards’, which includes the Golden Globes, Emmy’s, MTV, Academy of Country Music, The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

  • 2019 A’ Design Award Jury Member, A’ Design Award Grand Jury Panel brings together the World’s leading design professionals, prominent academics, influential press members and leading experts in industry to recognize, cherish and value good design products, projects and services.

  • 2019 International Creative Competition – LEONOEL shortlisted under the category of Fashion Design.

LEONOEL is a San Francisco based sustainable fashion label that launched in 2019 intersecting design, science, and technology, contributing to the transformation of the fashion industry by inserting digital design in the process and striving to achieve the smallest environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of garments. 

  • 2019/2020 Honorable Mention by the International Creative Competition, under the category of Architectural Design, for our Mill Valley Private Residence project in Mill Valley, California.

  • 2019/2020 Honorable Mention by the International Design Awards, IDA, under the category of Architectural Design, for our Micro-housing development project in the city of San Francisco. 

The proposal tackles the problem of housing in the city of San Francisco, by carefully studying it through the lens of urban planning, environmental sustainability, social and psychological behavioral patterns and opens a new dialogue towards a more sustainable future inclusive of the many layers of individuals that help enrich our cities. The project is currently in conceptual phase of design with various micro unit configurations and facades in conceptual analysis.




Architecture and Design


Our mission is to invest time on projects that work towards the betterment of humanity, inspiring the way we live, learn, heal, work and play. Sensitive to the ever-evolving needs of the built environment, our areas of research and focus have been net-zero energy and sustainable design, compact housing, and technology in design.

We believe in architecture that is synonymous with its programmatic, contextual and environmental needs; manipulated to generate unconventional building constructs to establish new, balanced anatomy of forms. 

Our work is highly exploratory and research-oriented; grounded in a speculative process, promoting thinking, writing, and making. We use various digital technologies to advance the conceptual exploration of ideas. Interconnected to this, we deploy manual form of craftsmanship and continue to use drawing, painting and making by hand in creating new trajectories.





This body of work embodies a diverse range of approaches in creating visuals and objects which explore with various techniques and mediums. The exploration presents itself in the form of painting, object and sculpture making, printmaking, photography, visual media and storytelling.


Product Design


We design with continuous initial research to create the parameters within which the initial design concepts are constructed.

Through constructing models and prototypes, we study the properties of design and materiality. In every stage of prototype making, the object improves, until we arrive at a solution that surpasses the fundamental requirements of form and function.

The studio uses the most advanced design software and technologies to create concepts, digital models, renderings and prototypes of each artifact through the process.