02.19.20 > We are grateful to be announced as a winner of the London International Creative Awards, for our work on LEONOEL, in the category of Fashion Design. Learn More



01.20.20 > We are grateful to receive Gold placement at the International Design Awards, IDA 2019/2020, for our work on LEONOEL, in the category of Sustainable Fashion. Learn More



02.20.20 > Our Mill Valley Private Residence project receives an Honorable Mention from the London International Creative Awards Learn More


01.20.20 > Our micro-housing development project has been a meaningful project for us by allowing us to exercise and explore our expertise in compact housing development in the city of San Francisco. We are thankful for the International Design Awards, IDA 2019/2020, Honorable mention as we go through the design process. Learn More



12.15.19 > We are grateful to receive the 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award by The Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies for Corporate Identity in the architecture and design industry. Learn More


09.15.19 > Demirchelie launches LEONOEL

LEONOEL merges design, environmental science, and technology striving to achieve the smallest environmental footprint through the entire life cycle of a garment. In 2018, the studio started a comprehensive research on the fashion industry relative to waste management and social and environmental sustainability. Learn more



06.28.19 > Elaheh Demirchelie serves on the Design Awards Grand Jury Panel of the International Design Academy in Lake Como, Italy. 

“Awarded Designer Elaheh Demirchelie, from United States, joined the selected group of International Designers, Academics, Entrepreneurs and Press Members professional, that formed the 2019 A’design Award Jury panel in Lake Como, Italy. Elaheh Demirchelie’s valuable insights and experience will contribute greatly towards the competition. Her extraordinary design talent, discerning eye for design, and professional achievements makes her extremely well qualified to perform the responsibilities of the jury panel.” quotes the A’design Award Jury Panel organizer. Learn More





06.28.19 > The studio continues design research on retail experience design

A research study on various emotional motivators which drive customer behavior in retail stores. Learn more




05.01.19 > Demirchelie receives the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals Hermes Gold Award 2019

Recipient of the Hermes Gold award by AMCP for Branding and Marketing Companies in the Architecture and Design Industry. 




04.05.2019 > Demirchelie to visit the fantastic Copenhagen offices of Louis Poulsen today “Each room and floor is illuminated in different ways, but common to all of them is their focus on functionality – and then there’s the common thread of the light fixtures’ color, which is a subdued combination of black, white, and gray.” Learn more




04.02.2019 > Say hello if you are attending the 5th Annual Future of the Consumer Conference in New York this week Learn more 

Cowen hosts 10-15 major industry-specific conferences annually attracting top institutional investors and leading companies in multiple sectors including Health Care, Technology, Media & Telecom, Consumer, Energy, Aerospace and Defense, Industrials and Transportation.




03.14.19 > We are at the opening night of the Bauhaus exhibition tonight in Copenhagen joining architects and designers from around the world on this special night. Say Hi!

An international celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus. ‘Bauhaus #itsalldesign’ presents a comprehensive overview of design and shows rare examples from the fields of design, architecture, art, film and photography. Learn more




02.09.19 > We are learning more about Artificial Life and Complex Systems this week in Tokyo

A demonstration of Alter — a new type of robot made by Takashi Ikegami (University of Tokyo), Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University).

All Rights Reserved. Demirchelie LLC



11.04.18 > Working with Bumblebee Spaces on unlocking the third dimension by using smart robots and an AI stack on our ceilings

Bumblebee Spaces is creating a new way to live by unlocking the third dimension. Using smart robots and an AI stack, we increase usable space and reduce your footprint by storing, managing, and retrieving objects on-demand in your ceiling. Bumblebee Spaces safely and intelligently simplifies your life, making space for what matters. Learn More on Bumblebee Spaces Website.




10.20.2018 > We are at Autodesk Innovation Center in San Francisco today 

3D printing is at a different level at Autodesk! From 3D printing in soft materials to various gradient levels or a combination, Autodesk does it all. Learn more




10.15.2018 > The research on textile pollution continues as Elaheh Demirchelie visits Dr. Kristen Mitchell in

Washington D.C. around a focus topic on microfibers

Out of the 5.5 trillion particles of plastic waste on our planet, 95% were smaller than a grain of rice. Every time you wash your polyester/ repurposed plastic clothes, shoes, and other wearables, they shed tiny plastic bits that wash off of the items in the washing machine. All synthetic fibers come off in the wash and pass through to sewage treatment plants, which often don’t have filters fine enough to catch them. Treated wastewater is then often dumped into rivers or the sea, carrying a high level of microfibers. Learn more



09.28.18 > Demirchelie is attending the International Summit for Change, ChangeNOW in Paris this week. Learn more about ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW faces the critical challenges of our planet. ChangeNOW celebrates and supports those changemakers. It is the annual reunion for all enthusiasts who want to shake and shape the world we live in.





10.15.2018 > Demirchelie attends the 25th anniversary celebration of WIRED Magazine at WIRED25 at the 

SFJAZZ Center designed by Mark Cavagnero Associates

1st day back in San Francisco and attending a fantastic event and a great conversation at WIRED25, WIRED Magazine 25th anniversary celebration.

The remarkable panel of Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, Anna Wintour, Jony Ive, Sean Parker, Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Jennylayflurrie, amongst many others discussing pressing issues from technology and AI to homelessness and more around the globe. 



09.17.2018 > SOLCUFF comes to our studio with an interesting problem

We investigate the conjunction of form and function in designing solar wearables which consider both aesthetic and comfort  Learn more



09.17.2018 > Demirchelie joins the amazing team of BLK SHP San Francisco 

A global ecosystem of misfits and innovators with a mission to unlock the inner artist in all. Learn more




Fall 2018 > Demirchelie designs micro-units in the heart of San Francisco

In the past few years we have seen a significant shift in suburban occupancy; with major city centers attracting more affluent individuals and poverty suburbanizing all over United States, Europe and major cities in Asia. With this shift, landlords charge higher rents, and urban city dwellers sell units at rates much higher than the market average.

Following an increase in segregation between layers of individuals within various socioeconomic status and threatened overall social cohesion.

The studio continues its focus on designing micro units in the city of San Francisco. Learn more.




05.18.18 > Demirchelie on a journey to China, investigating the problem of fashion waste in Hangzhou and Guangzhou, China.

Elaheh Demirchelie visits China to complete an in-depth research study in collaboration with Dr. Kristen Mitchell and AquaNRG on the impact of the fashion industry on our planet.




08.15.2017 > Visiting the Salesforce tower under construction with Mark Cavagnero Associates

In partnership with Salesforce, Mark Cavagnero Associates is creating a cohesive aesthetic that demonstrates their vision of what a 21st-century workplace environment should be while unifying and inspiring their employees across six continents. Learn More




09.20.2017 > Demirchelie is attending Cityscape Global 2017 in Dubai this week on behalf of Mark Cavagnero Associates 

Cityscape Global is the world’s largest networking exhibition and conference on property development. It is a trade show for the real estate industry in Dubai attended by regional and international investors, developers, architects and designers, governmental authorities, people involved in the

design and construction of both public and private real estate developments.




07.10.2017 > LightHouse for the Blind, by Mark Cavagnero Associates will be featured in the Cooper Hewitt Museum’s new exhibition, The Senses: Design Beyond Vision 

We have been selected and just finished submitting our material for this amazing exhibition which will be showcased next year. Learn more




05.10.2017 > Demirchelie initiates the Digital Design Group at Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects

A new dialogue on advanced computational modeling at Mark Cavagnero Associates and revisiting the firm’s portfolio through the past 25 years within the design language of Mark Cavagnero, FAIA. Learn More




10.05.2016 > Elaheh Demirchelie to join the award winning San Francisco based Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects as Chief Creative Officer 

Mark Cavagnero Associates was founded in 1988 around a set of core values with a strong focus on public and institutional projects and a firm belief in the power of collaboration and community building. The firm has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris and New York. The firm’s portfolio includes SFJAZZ Center, Moscone Center Expansion, interior design of Salesforce’s towers worldwide, including the recently opened tower in San Francisco, 555 Howard, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Legion of Honor Museum and the Oakland Museum of California to name a few. 




2016 – 2017 > Joining KSU Department of Architecture as invited Jury on multiple architecture studios




09.12.2016 > Elaheh Demirchelie’s pedagogy, Crafting Values is selected and published at the National Conference on the Beginning Design Student

“Our primary intent for the first year studio is teaching the incoming students first and foremost the thought process. Teaching fundamental skills comes at the secondary position.

We envision that a good designer is a responsible and sensible designer. Our approach is primarily formal, in which we teach students to identify, document, and alter formal properties and qualities of the built-environment. Our challenge is to direct the findings beyond the formal properties of design processes and inform the students to broaden their investigation to engage in an understanding of the values in the decision making process.”





09.14.2016 > Careers in Architecture Panel Discussions by Elaheh Demirchelie

Elaheh Demirchelie moderates panel discussions on careers in architecture for an auditorium of future architects at Kennesaw State University.



08.15.2016 > Elaheh Demirchelie to teach Architecture studio at Kennesaw State University 

Her pedagogy will primarily focus on the thought process. Teaching fundamental skills comes at the secondary position. The pedagogy challenge is to direct the findings beyond the formal properties of design processes and inform the students to broaden their investigation to engage in an understanding of the values in the decision making process.



02.04.2016 > Helping envision and design a new neighborhood on the water, surrounded by open space and stunning views of San Francisco Bay and the East Bay hills Learn more




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