Build Magazine 2021 Design & Build Awards

At the core of Demirchelie there is a significant focus on projects that serve as a reflection of our time, current technology, and culture. Elaheh approaches each project in a speculative manner, with a process that promotes thinking, writing, and making while employing various digital technologies to advance the conceptual exploration of ideas. Like many of her peers, she has embraced a symbiosis with technology, utilising its benefits alongside more traditional efforts to deliver the best possible end product.

The driving factor behind Demirchelie’s work is to highlight, examine and promote solutions to the world’s more pressing societal issues.  She believes – wholeheartedly- that it’s an architect’s responsibility to contribute to these issues through innovative design. Within this ideology, the studio tackles significant global challenges such as the shortage of housing in urban areas, global waste production, and the severe increase of plastics in our oceans. The practice focuses on these broader issues through the lens of architecture, product design, and creative direction while collaborating with like-minded individuals and entities.

Within this realm, the studio’s core research projects include multifamily and micro-housing in urban cities, AI in interior design, the future of retail, and fashion waste issues. These core research projects form new start-ups or contribute to existing start-ups and established companies by sharing information in an open platform to tackle larger global issues.

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