Project Description

A glance into the work of Demirchelie at the office of John Portman and Associates, under the direct supervision of John Portman and design director, Gordon Beckman. 

Greenland Binhu International City Zhengzhou

The design of this mixed-use complex is founded on the principles of simplicity of form, surface, and beauty controlled by program, rationality, flexibility, performance and efficiency. Seen as a focal point for the district, the simple massing geometry becomes the overriding image maker for the project. The twin towers are intended to create a strong visual identity. The circular form of the project is wrapped with an red inner and silver outer skin. Each color can be read with multiple meanings: red at the center symbolizing good fortune and joy, and silver as the brightness representative of the future.

Architectural Drawings have not been included here, as they are confidential to the team at John Portman and Associates.

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Architectural Designer for John Portman and Associates


Zhengzhou, China




Office, Hotel, Residential, Retail

Site Area

375,000 sf

Gross Building Area

6,008,000 sf


885 ft