Project Description

The transformation of a formerly abandoned building into a writer’s second work-space and hiding place, includes an interior comprised of heterogeneous elements of a mixture of textures, periods and styles in creating a dynamic canvas for the evolving taste and whims of an enigmatic writer based in New York. Antique and contemporary, serious and fanciful are married in one room under a cohesive language with accents of French and Gothic architecture.

The custom-designed mantel and the elements surrounding it become a defined focal point in the room where light and dark, modern and vintage encircle each other.    

Per client’s request, a portion of the room is left blank to respond to various programmatic needs of the client throughout the year; permitting a layer of void over space. A layer of what is purposefully left out on top of all that is displayed.

Hues of pewter, dark red, heavy oak wood and accents of olive green serve as an equalizer in creating a cohesive look throughout.

The spirit of the room is one that is mysterious, calm, ecclesiastic and divinely inspired.

A majestic mantel is to hold court below the exposed concrete and beams, as disbursed fluttering candlelight completes the spirit of the divine.

The verticality found in Gothic architecture is found in the object’s placement in the room; concealed in details, such as the continuity and alignment of wrought-iron and pewter candle holders from the floor to the wall and rising to the sky.

Textures are an imperative part of the design; textures of leather, silk, satin, and velvet are intended to complement coarse surfaces of concrete, stone, and brick throughout.

Per client’s request, a corner of the room merges the exterior and interior with various plants freely growing in all directions and various vine species discover new paths, crawling against the adhesive wall and ceiling surfaces.

Rather than settling on the insertion of lancet windows and a dark room, we reached a consensus, for the room to instead carry an abundance of natural light and custom arched windows and vintage shutters.

The room is designed to be decadent, luxurious, mysterious, sensual and understated all at once. To be dramatic yet elegant by nature. 


Architecture Renovation, Interior Design

Project Team

Demirchelie LLC


In Progress