Project Description

Parametric design offers a new approach to architecture and product design based on advanced computational design techniques.  Parametricism offers a flexible set of components to manipulate, which leads to an infinite amount of variation when designing a product. The vase presented here was generated from a grasshopper script written to produce thousands of variations in form with respect to the predefined grammars and restrictions.

The artifact is free of rigid geometrical configurations. It is fluid and dynamic in form as all the curbs and nurbs are free to move and mold in the predefined grammar written for them.

In this example, the client can view hundreds of designs or manipulate the code as desired to create a design that can then get sent to a 3d printer or an injection mold based on dimensions.

This generative methodology in creating products, facades and architectural forms, is highly useful when there is a desire to introduce a complex number of parameters into the process and manipulate the forms based on the original parameters to receive a wide variety of configurations to a single problem.


Parametric Design




Varies depending on design and print methods.