Project Description

The drip series combines two techniques previously developed in other series of pouring and texturing acrylic. The series is created using high gloss enamel, dripped with consistent pressure points using a brush.
The series investigates the drip technique developed by Jackson Pollock and deviates from it by:

1- Addition of the pouring technique in each stroke.

2- Leaving no blank spots (void) on canvas.

3- Priming all canvases with gesso vs unprimed raw canvases. 

*Pouring is related directly to the paint’s viscosity levels. It varies from painting to painting based on viscosity and flow effects.

Dimensions Piece 1:

7' x 3'10" unstretched

Dimensions Piece 2:

4' x 3'

Dimensions Piece 3:

4' x 2'




All pieces are sold/unavailable.

Current Location

San Francisco