Project Description

Modest in scale and small in footprint, the 800 square-foot single-family residence located in Mill Valley, California, explores with sustainability, materiality, and compact spatial planning, characterized by a minimal hyperrectangular form which informs the interior. Elements of volume, light, proportion, and materiality are orchestrated to respond to the project’s unique compact spatial challenges, echoing the juxtaposition of intimacy and openness.

Made out of solid Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, it combines fast and precise construction with the aesthetics, comfort, and sustainability of wood.
A unified holistic approach in materiality and space planning throughout, merges interior and exterior, building and landscape, into a seamless experience; transforming the ephemeral into the tactile.

The 20’x40’ interior layout efficiently houses kitchen, living, dining, bedroom and a bathroom. The interior is wrapped by verandas in three directions, utilizing simple constituents in strategizing passive solar energy.

Glazed on both sides, the room blends interior and exterior while obtaining an abundance of natural light and cross ventilation throughout the day. Sliding glass doors open and close up in a variety of combinations, allowing for controlled airflow and smooth transition to the natural surroundings.

The house is designed to be customizable for privacy with the living room as the casual meeting place and the heart of the house. The entire house is essentially a big room with the mid-wall defining different spaces, separating the living room from the sleeping area. The folding panels in the bedroom allow for configuring privacy at varying levels throughout the day.
The exterior employs a limited material palette of cedar, rendered white and grey aluminum. Continuity of cedar boards cladding the floor, walls, and roof on either veranda enables a seamless transition of the exterior into the interior space.

This basic palette is pulled into the interior in creating continuity throughout. Inside, the walls are painted white and the furnishing is kept spare, in shades of cream, white and wood, emphasizing the views outward.


800 SF Unit + 672 Ext. Covered


Architecture, Building Design, Interiors

Project Team

Demirchelie LLC




Schematic Design


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Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Single Bathroom, Outdoor Area.