Project Description

The unit is located in a tower in the heart of SOMA’s hustle and bustle in San Francisco. The objective was to break free from the intense context of the city center and create an aesthetic that was gentle throughout.

Furniture was selected with sensibility to the client’s aesthetic and budget, with the intention to make rooms appear open, and more spacious. At 1100 sf it was very important for the pieces and the color palettes to be well balanced with tones that complement each other in a cohesive manner.

The rooms are designed in mid-century modern with hints of west coast vibes; small hints of Moroccan influenced and woven Dhurrie fabrics with light & breezy textiles are disbursed to capture relaxed California roots.

At 12’ wide, the rooms felt compact thus various functions were strategically placed to make for airy and open rooms.

The rooms consist of original iconic pieces of mid-century modern furniture, gathered to create a timeless aesthetic with clean lines and gentle curves; designed with minimal ornamentation exploring the juxtaposition of traditional and non-traditional objects.

Clean lines, curves and smooth surfaces create an understated look. Less becomes more.

The rooms are nature-inspired with hints of earthy tones and plenty of indoor plants which improve concentration, productivity and help reduce stress levels for the occupants.

The living room is organized around a few pieces. The sofa is not to overwhelm the room and sits gently on a floating frame, allowing for the lounge chair to find its own place in the room.

The client needed a 65-Inch TV as part of the living room, which was composed to maintain balance through the addition of a rectangular walnut modular media set.  

The furniture pieces were picked to transcend time, with the flexibility to stay relevant beyond this space as the client steps into new horizons in the future.  


Paulo Mendez da Rocha – Design Within Reach 
Paulistano Arm Chair
Waren Platner – Knoll 
Platner Coffee Table 
Ted Boerner -Theater Sofa, Design Within reach 
Ibon Arrizibalaga , Forma Mixed Media Set
Michele de lucchi, Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp
Saarinen – Saarinen Dining Table
Norman Cherner, Cherner Side Chairs
Achille Castiglioni, Fucsia 1 Pendent


1100 SF Unit


Full Interior Design

Project Team

Demirchelie LLC


In Progress




Interiors of kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and Bathrooms.